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Environment of Care (EC) Standards

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Element of Performance

Implement a policy for all cylinders within the facility that includes
  • labeling, handling, and transporting in accordance with NFPA 99-2012: and 11.6.2;

  • segregating full and empty cylinders to assist personnel in selecting the correct cylinder,

  • prohibiting adaptors or conversion fittings,

  • protecting oxygen cylinders, containers, and associated equipment from contamination, damage, and contact with oil and grease;

  • keeping cylinders away from heat, flammable materials, and temperatures exceeding 130°F (54.4°C);

  • preventing nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide cylinders from reaching temperatures lower than manufacturer recommendations or -20°F (-28.9°C);

  • securing valve protection caps (if supplied) in place when cylinders are not in use;

  • labeling empty cylinders; and

  • prohibiting transfilling in any area where patient care occurs.


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