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Environment of Care (EC) Standards

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Element of Performance

Ensure areas designated for administration of general anesthesia using medical gases or vacuum are in accordance with NFPA 101-2012: 8.7 and NFPA 99-2012 as follows:
  • Zone valves are located immediately outside each anesthetizing location for medical gas or vacuum and are readily accessible in an emergency and arranged so that shutting off any one anesthetizing location will not affect others.

  • Area alarm panels (ie, visual and audible sensors) are installed to monitor all medical gas, medical-surgical vacuum, and piped waste anesthetic gas disposal systems and are in locations that provide for surveillance, including medical gas pressure decreases of 20% and vacuum decreases of 12-inch gauge mercury vacuum.

  • Alarm sensors are installed on either the source side of individual room zone valve box assemblies or on the patient/use side of each of the individual zone valve box assemblies.


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